Volunteer Spotlight on Shazia Nazir

Shazia is a Kitchen Assistant at Revive, and volunteers weekly to make, serve and prepare food for service-users of Revive. And the current lockdown in the UK has not stopped Shazia’s passion and enthusiasm for volunteering, she’s been working tirelessly to prepare fresh food parcels to be delivered weekly to asylum seekers and refugees in Greater Manchester.

How long have you been volunteering at Revive?

I have been volunteering at Revive for about 8 years now! I am originally from Pakistan. I arrived in the UK  in 2010 with my husband and two children to seek asylum. My son was 14 at the time and my daughter was 9.

How did you find out about Revive?

When I moved to the UK, I met a friend who told me about Revive and how they support people with their asylum cases, so that’s why I first visited the organisation. I was welcomed with warmth, and the staff and volunteers were so kind and supportive of us. I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to give back to Revive and volunteer, to support other people who are in situations like I was in.   

What are the best things about Revive?

The staff and volunteers at Revive are extremely nice, and the immigration, social work and Volunteering support they offer is fantastic. At Revive, everybody is welcome, and they are happy to help and support anyone who walks through the door. I always make sure to offer service users and visitors a nice cup of tea/coffee, hot food and a smile to welcome them.

What are your Revive ‘highlights’?

Over my years of volunteering, I have been very much supported in my volunteering role, with training and supervision. I have enjoyed attending several volunteer celebration events, which are social functions which recognize all the volunteers. I have received a certificate for 5 years’ service of volunteering and been lucky enough to Revive to sponsor me in getting food safety and hygiene certifications for my work in the kitchen.

What would you say to anybody who’s considering getting involved in volunteering at Revive?

If you would like to volunteer at Revive, then I am more than happy to support you and introduce you to the organization. I can explain how is Revive, and how the Revive kitchen works and introduce you to the people.

All the volunteers are very nice and friendly, for example, Rita who is a lovely lady who teaches English and is supportive of everyone.

I would also say, don’t let this lockdown stop you from volunteering and getting involved. I have been spending my time preparing food parcels for people!


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