Service update (How we can help)

We understand how difficult it is for all of us at present, especially for vulnerable refugees and people seeking asylum we serve. Revive would like to remind you that while we cannot attend any face-to-face appointments at present, we can continue to provide limited services through a range of media such as phone, email, Zoom and WhatsApp to provide advice and reassurance. We are also happy to help with new ways of attending appointments electronically. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to assist you in any way. We look forward to hearing from you and ask for your understanding and patience during these challenging times.

For Immigration enquiries: If you have an emergency(i.e visa expiring in the next ten days), please call/text one of our numbers:

07500662596 * 07468586509 * 07448363647 *01612235668

You can also email us:

For enquiries around  homelessness, NASS notice moving on period, S4 further submission notice, Families with children Benefits, housing, please call one of our mobile numbers:

07500661418 * 07468586509 * 07500662595 * 01612235668

You can also email us:

Please note our ESOL, wellbeing, Employability, Women’s Group and Allotment sessions remain closed until further notice.

For general inquiry, please contact *01612235668 or by email at:



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