Need Destitution or Emergency Support?

Revive supports refugees and people seeking asylum on their journey of recovery, and helps to reduce their risk of destitution and loneliness.

Our Destitution/ Emergency Support include the offer of free practical advice, signposting to local destitution services and integrated support – access to therapeutic support, food parcels and clothing, a friendly place to meet new people and support groups.


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Every Tuesday: 11:30am - 4:00pm    (last entry 2:30pm)
St. Brigid’s Parish Hall
183 Grey Mare Lane, Beswick. Manchester. M11 3DR
M: 0750 066 2596
T: 0161 223 5668

Referral 331 



Every Wednesday: 11:00am - 4:00pm  (last entry 2:30pm)
Spiritan Centre,
Northallerton Road, Lower Kersal. Salford,         M7 3TD 
M: 0750 066 2595

Many are still awaiting a decision on their right to remain in the UK.
Many have reached a final negative decision on their claim for asylum and been told to leave the UK. They are denied access to housing or benefits and with no right to work.
Research shows that asylum seekers remain in the UK after refusal for a number of reasons, most commonly because:
they are unable to leave (e.g. they are stateless or lack travel documents and their state of origin refuses to acknowledge their citizenship), or
they have been in the UK for a long time and have family ties here now, or
they fear persecution or death if they return to their country of origin.
Some even come from countries to which the UK Government will not send people back.
Yet they still deny these people the right to work, and refuse to provide them with food, money or shelter.
Caught in Limbo, refused asylum seekers are forced into homelessness, hunger and ill health.



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