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Revive Women’s Project: From Persecution to Recovery


The Revive Women’s Project is an initiative to support and enrich the lives of women
seeking asylum, women refugees, and migrant women facing various forms of
inequality and hardship. The project is based on a person centered and recovery
model. The project provides support for emotional, welfare, and well-being,
economic and financial empowerment, educational opportunities, vocational training,
and confidence-building skills.

Target Groups:

Women experiencing racial inequality, women experiencing the cost-of-living crisis,
women experiencing honour based violence, women with disability, Women who
have suffered and recovering from trauma, Women with no recourse to public funds,
Women fleeing domestic violence, Women with insecure immigration status,
Vulnerable migrant and undocumented women, Women experiencing destitution,
educationally and economically disadvantaged women, Disabled women, Women
from the LGBTQ+ community and Women struggling with mental health issues.

Key Components:

  1. Emotional and Welfare Support:
        – Counselling Services: We provide access to professional counsellors
    specialising in trauma, domestic violence, and mental health issues.
        – Support Groups: We have women coordinators who facilitate peer support
    groups to create a sense of community and shared experience. Arts craft, allotment
    and culturally appropriate Zumba sessions.
  2. Economic and Financial Empowerment:
        – Financial Literacy Workshops: We Conduct budgeting, saving, and financial
    planning workshops in partnership with Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), Loaves and
    Fishes and other providers.
        – Microfinance Opportunities: Provide access to grants to start or sustain small
        -volunteering placement: We partner with local businesses to create volunteering
    opportunities and internships for women.
  3. Education and Vocational Training:
        – Adult Education Classes: Offer basic education classes such as literacy,
    numeracy, and English as a Second Language (ESOL).
        – Vocational Training Programs: Sign up for skills like digital inclusion, healthcare,
    hospitality, and trades.
        – Scholarship Programs: Sign them up for scholarships to pursue higher education
    or specialised training.
  4. Skills for Confidence Building:
        – Personal Development Workshops: Conduct leadership, public speaking, and
    self-esteem-building workshops.
        – Mentorship Programs: Pair women with mentors in their field of interest to
    provide guidance and support.
        – Networking Events: Organise events to help women build professional networks
    and connect with role models.

If you would like to refer a woman in this category, please complete the form and
send by email to: pat.o@revive-uk.org

Women’s Group Application form


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