Revive Women’s sewing project

With funding from the National Lottrey community fund (, the Revive Women’s Group Sewing project dream, became a reality. This initiative empowers women from refugee communities in Manchester and Salford to learn new skills and showcase creativity. It allows them to make and upcycle garments for themselves and their families, to socialise in a safe and culturally appropriate environment and to improve their English language skills. It also equips them with confidence and skills to help find employment. We support refugees and asylum seekers from around the world. This initiative, in particular, empowers women who often have no voice and feel isolated and marginalised in a culture which is very different from where they grew up. They share their stories, which can be vital in trauma recovery; make friends, which is essential in developing coping strategies; and develop a sense of community with indigenous women, supporting mental health and wellbeing. The project is multi-generational and supports women with a wide range of needs who can often struggle to access services. Their families, who often live in impoverished circumstances, also benefit from the affordable garments and household goods created. Revive’s wider enrichment programme of social and cultural activities is well-established, popular and has a successful track record.

Feed back from some of the women states:

  • I have made new friends
  • Maureen, Paddy and Leigh make us feel welcome
  • I have learnt to stitch my children’s clothes
  • I made myself a sleeping gown#
  • I’ve made a T-shirt and an apron for myself.
  • Once it is weekend, I look forward to Monday to meet with our lovely ladies
  • My English has improved. Thank you Maureen



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