English Classes

We believe that sharing the common “language is life lubricant, glue to friendship, a means to getting on.”

Improved English language skills are key “to unlocking jobs, earnings and the complex health, education and immigration system in the UK. It may also allow parents to play an active role in their children’s schooling.
Refugees and people seeking asylum have a better chance with improved English language skills. It makes it easier to:
  • Talk to doctors and teachers
  • Understand the laws and customs of the UK
  • Do other courses and get a qualification
  • Help your child or children with homework
  • Pass the Life in the UK test and become a British citizen 
Revive offers free English classes with ESOL and orientation to the local area to help meet both the practical and linguistic needs of newly arrived Refugees and people seeking asylum.
The course will help you to develop your communication skills for everyday situations, including:
  • Speaking and listening
  • Reading and writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Punctuation and grammar
Want to improve your English language skills?

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