Social Work Support

Service users with support needs that cannot be met through the Revive drop-in services may be able to access social work support.
Individuals or families accessing social work support are allocated a key worker and visits will be conducted either at home, at the Revive office or in the community. A support plan will be developed between you and the worker where your needs will be identified and a plan of action will be agreed.
Support will continue through outreach work and support plans are monitored and reviewed regularly until work is completed.
The aim is to support you to make your own choices, to resolve issues, encourage independence and improve emotional well-being.
For complex casework, the social work team uses a framework underpinned by the principles of recovery.
Our staff work alongside individuals and families using a range of practical and therapeutic social work approaches. We use a strengths-based model of practice and we are committed to human rights.
Revive promotes multi-agency working to enhance the range of choice, opportunities, and access to services. 



social work complex cases diagrame

  • Refugees and People Seeking Asylum
  • Single adults and families (Note: we do not work with separated young people under the age of 18.)
  • Individuals and families who have experienced (and who are impacted by) torture and trauma and who may be experiencing symptoms of PTSD.
  • Individuals with suicidal ideation and/ or are under acute stress.
  • When there are identified risks to self and others and/or safeguarding concerns. (Note: Revive cannot support people when there is a direct risk to staff).
  • Adults and families with disabilities, who would find accessing a drop-in difficult.


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