Hugh’s Revive marathon Fundraiser

On Sunday 24th May 2020 our dear volunteer, Hugh O’Boyle will be running the Manchester Half Marathon to raise fund for Revive His target is £800. Please use the link below to donate and also invite your friends to visit his just giving link below.
Below is what Hugh has stated as his reason for participating in the Marathon and raising fund for Revive’s cause.

Hugh Marathon Fundraiser

Hugh Marathon Fundraiser

Hugh Marathon Fundraiser

Hugh Marathon Fundraise











On Sunday 24th May 2020 I’ll be running the Manchester Half Marathon for Revive, an independent, free community project supporting refugees and people seeking asylum in the Manchester and Salford areas.

Operating under the wing of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, Revive helps refugees and people seeking asylum regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, age or beliefs.

They promote access to rights, safety and independence on matters spanning the entire asylum process, ranging from their initial asylum claim and family reunion to housing and homelessness, healthcare and employment to English language learning, integration and well-being. Underpinning all services is an unrelenting commitment to expanding access to justice and amplifying the voices of its service-users.

This is a particularly personal fundraiser for me – over the past few months, I have had the privilege to volunteer with Revive. Whilst here, I have seen first-hand the indispensable role they play in providing sanctuary to those fleeing war and persecution, fighting tooth-and-nail for their rights and empowering them to lead meaningful lives filled with dignity and respect.

What’s more, I have been enormously moved by the limitless love and acts of kindness – some big, some small – which characterise the relationships between its staff, volunteers and service-users. Anyone who has visited one of their drop-ins will tell you that, more than just a charity, Revive is a de facto home and focal point for all in the refugee and asylum-seeking community.

Here’s what your donations could buy:
£7 will provide someone with emergency provisions for the day
£20 will pay for a day bus pass/ lunch for 4 persons (refugees who are giving back to the community as volunteers)
£25 will provide an interpreting service for an asylum or refugee advice/ support session
£70 will contribute to an educational grant for 2 persons (towards the course fees or resources)

Any amount of donations, no matter how big or small, will go a long way to transforming the lives of Revive’s service-users. Cheers in advance!

Please follow the link below.





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