Volunteer Spotlight on Rita Machin

Rita has been a volunteer at Revive for about 4 years now, and volunteers to teach the ESOL English classes to speakers of other languages. Here is what Rita has to say about her time at Revive

How did you get involved in volunteering at Revive?

I first got involved in volunteering via two other charities.  I had taught ESOL at Boaz, a charity for failed asylum seekers previously, however, they ended the classes there. I also volunteered at the City of Sanctuary, a recreational support group for refugees and asylum seekers. Through my connections with them, I heard that Revive was looking for teachers, so I got in touch.

What is your teaching background?
After working a variety of jobs I became a teacher, working in colleges teaching English, ESOL, and delivering dyslexia support. As well as the UK, I have taught in Romania, the USA and South Africa.

What are the best things about volunteering at Revive?
The best parts about Revive are the students and fellow volunteers. At first, we had hardly any resources, just a table and chairs! But now our resources have improved by 100%!

From the very beginning Revive students have been dedicated and conscientious, always attending classes even in the most difficult circumstances. 
My fellow ESOL teachers at Revive are outstanding, and do everything they can to never let the students down.

What are your most memorable moments at Revive?
We have had some amazing times outside the classroom. We have visited the Football Museum; Salford Art Gallery for an art tour with tea and scones; Pendlebury Library; and had a walk along the River Irwell. We have done a huge variety of things, such as had a visiting musician-run a workshop and produce a short CD, Fairtrade events sponsored by the Co-op every year during Fairtrade Fortnight, and annual we have an end of term event at Christmas where we play a game of Bingo which is really good fun.
During the lockdown, we have tried to keep in touch with a few students by telephone which has been a success so far. I am missing seeing the students a lot!


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