Well-being Course

We believe that personal well-being and growth are related.

Refugee who come to the course will learn how to identify enabling factors to personal well-being including optimism, meaningful activities, diet and social relationships.
The course will help in understanding of how positive and negative emotions affect us and how we can use this knowledge gained to reduce the risk of stress for oneself. 
Many who attended the last course said they “left feeling positive and energised to take control of their personal well-being.”

Well-being 2

Key Benefits
  • How to maintain and increase good health and well-being
  • Recognising own emotional early warning signs and declining health and well-being
  • Acquiring proven switching-off skills to relax and recover after work
  • How to ensure a good night’s sleep
  • Improve relationships generally, learn how to deal with toxic ones and techniques to be more assertive
  • The importance of achieving a good work-life balance
  • How to reduce the risk of stress/ anxiety and improve mood.
  • Tips to improve confidence and acceptance of self, looking after yourself and your appearance

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