Volunteer Spotlight on Ganiyat Adebayo

Ganiyat has been a volunteer at Revive for 2.5 years, as an Admin and Kitchen Assistant.

How did you first get involved with Revive? 

I got involved with Revive through a Social Worker who told me about the organisation, so I made a google search and got in touch with the team at Revive. I wanted to volunteer so I could make a difference and give back to the community.

What was your background before volunteering at Revive?

I have a BA in International Business Administration from Oxford Brookes University. I have experience in project management, and I have also worked as a support worker.

What do you think the best things about Revive are?

The best work Revive does is supporting people in need and preparing people for the future, work experience and mentoring.

What has been your highlight so far in your volunteering experience at Revive? 

I have gained satisfaction in being able to help people. Revive has also given me many opportunities to develop new skills and build on my existing knowledge and experience. 

Revive is a great place to volunteer. They practice equality and have an excellent team of staff and volunteers. Revive promotes social interaction that improves mental and physical wellbeing of service users. It’s a beautiful place to grow and flourish.




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