Our Values


We are committed to bringing real improvements to the lives of refugees and people seeking asylum, enabling them to integrate and participate in the life of their new community.

We are inspired by the core values that inform all the work we do, which are, in turn, informed by the Christian values of our founders, the Spiritans (Congregation of the Holy Spirit).
Our Values
  • Respect
Revive believes in the intrinsic dignity of every person. Respect for the individual as the person they are, offering non-judgmental acceptance. We work with refugees and other displaced persons regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, age or beliefs. 
  • Compassion/ Hospitality
Revive strives to be most welcoming and hospitable in all we do. We walk alongside, offering hospitality to the most vulnerable, those "at the margins of society", giving priority to those who needs are greatest. 
  • Excellence
We are committed to offering the highest level of services. Our commitment to the continual professional development of staff helps us to keep improving our services and meeting the needs of our service users.
  • Integrity
We strive to work in accordance with best practice with integrity. Trust built on an honest, professional relationship is essential to us.
  • Justice
Revive champions a justice that empowers the asylum and refugee community to regain “their own voice", challenge systems that deny human rights and create all forms of marginalisation and exclusion, and defend the rights of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons to full protection. 
  • Positive Regard
Revive has an unconditional positive regard for everyone as a separate person of intrinsic worth and value, a human being always capable of something better.


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