Abdelaziz’s Story

Abdelaziz arrived in the UK having fled Sudan, a country in a permanent state of unrest, violence and insecurity.
When he arrived, the Home Office said that he might have to go back to Hungary, where there was evidence of his fingerprints.
He was given temporary accommodation in Salford and received no further news. He lived in constant fear that he was going to be sent to Hungary; a country to which he had no ties, nor friends or family.
As he was also unable to speak any English at the time, Abdelaziz was completely in the dark, finding it difficult to find out about any basic services, advice on his rights or support networks. He was a young man in a completely new city; terrified and alone.
Thankfully, he found out about Revive. He came along to our drop-in centre in Salford and says that from this day his life changed forever.
With the help of our interpreter volunteers, Abdelaziz was able to explain his situation to our team of social workers. They helped him to fill out all of the documents he needed to submit to the Home Office, to gain the right to remain in the country that he so deserved.
However, what he felt most emboldened by was the emotional and psychological support that he received from the Revive team. This is the kind of support that should not be underestimated.
“When I come to Revive, I don’t feel worried about things anymore, I feel safe and I feel supported”.
He was immediately referred to a psychologist, who has been able to gradually help him to overcome the trauma that came from his ordeal.
“Any issue at all I have”, he says, “I come to Revive”. He comes here to socialise, play pool and learn English.
“All of the volunteers and staff are so friendly and welcoming”.
Before he got his status, he described how he was living in constant fear of being deported. He couldn’t concentrate on his English classes and his mind was always preoccupied.
Today, Abdelaziz has made tremendous progress.
With Revive’s help, he has been granted the right to remain in the UK. Just 4 months later, he has been able to get a job in a warehouse, which is a fantastic achievement. He is a very busy man, as he is also enrolled part-time at the Manchester College, following an intensive ESOL English course.
He is happier than ever and his English is getting better by the day!
At the end of the interview, Abdelaziz said that he would like to conclude by encouraging anyone in a similar position to his own to come to Revive “just once” – as they too will see like he did how the journey to settling into life in the UK can be made easier, with the dedicated support that our team offers.
“Now I feel peace”, said a delighted Abdelaziz.
He has shown bravery and determination throughout. He fully deserves all the success he has made. We are absolutely delighted with this happy ending and we wish him the very best for his future in this country.


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