Meet Donika Karreci of the Revive’s Women’s Group

Donika Karreci is a lovely woman from Albania who came over to the UK in 2017 with her husband to be with her son and her two grandchildren. She has been married to her husband for 42 years after having a lovely ceremony in Albania, with good weather! She recalled. Her son, who she describes as “a very nice boy” was already living in England with his partner and their two children.
Donika first came to Revive because she needed help, wanted to learn to speak English and to meet new people and make friends. Donika loves Revive; she loves the people, the staff and the volunteers. She says she has made some good friends, including Maureen and Paddy who she says are very kind, warm and helpful. A favourite activity of Donika’s is to come, have tea and coffee, knit and socialise. Revive helps her, she said, with reducing her stress and keeping her happy. Her husband is ill with her problems and so she is constantly trying to be strong for her husband and herself. Revive gives her the chance and the time to relax and have a laugh. Revive has helped Donika with her English substantially. Along with the English classes, Donika likes to listen to those speaking English around her too.
In 2017 when she came over from Albania, Donika was unable to speak English. She has completed a college course studying English. This has made it possible or her to translate for her husband!
When asked what motivated Donika to go to college she said it was so she could read to her grandchildren. She absolutely loves reading books to her grandchildren and is enjoying being able to talk more to them. Donika adores her grandchildren and loves the times she gets to see them.
Family is very important to Donika, she came over from Albania to be with them and continues to care for her husband although she herself struggles with some health issues. She always puts her family first. Her son and her daughter in law light up her life and she describes them both as being very nice and friendly. Her son plays a big part in her life as he often helps to look after his parents, which Donika is incredibly thankful for.
Donika is not a fan of sitting around at home so when she is not at Revive Women’s Group or at college or with her family, she is at her local church is knitting group. She volunteers for a charity that helps people with cancer by knitting items for them. She brought along a knitted headband that she made and has donated a personalised blanket to Revive that she made all by herself, it is very impressive.


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