Revive at Manchester Day Parade


Manchester Day is a fantastic annual event that celebrates everything great about our wonderful city. It is a day for families, residents and visitors to get together and celebrate all things Mancunian – the things that have made Manchester one of the world’s most iconic cities. Think Alan Turing, Morrissey, Manchester Tart, Emmeline Pankhurst and more! The parade is always colourful and vibrant and is a feel good event designed to celebrate diversity and offer something fun for us all to get involved with. 

Each year a theme is set to inspire participants. This year’s theme was ‘The Word on The Street’. We were incredibly proud to be selected as one of the community groups that paraded, and chose and created our very own theme called ‘The Wings of Freedom’. Our spectacular costume consisted of two huge feathered wings to represent the work that we do and the ongoing need for change to ensure that every single person gets the freedom and support they deserve. The wings were supported by some brightly coloured feathered friends in green, purple and orange. 
It was indeed a beauty to behold. We paraded amongst swarms of excited and colourful crowds to remember the Suffragettes. It really was great to have marched alongside other amazing community groups and we can’t wait to do it again next year! We’d also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all involved for your help and support. 


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